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Электронная книга Конченные | Finished

книга Конченные (Finished) 23/07/15
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Информация о книге

Просмотров: 269

Автор: Генри Райдер Хаггард

Жанр: приключения

Категории: зарубежная классика, не переведено

Формат: роман

Год написания: 1917

Язык оригинала: английский


The author writes, "This book, although it can be read as a separate story, is the third of the trilogy of which Marie and Child of Storm are the first two parts. It narrates, through the mouth of Allan Quatermain, the consummation of the vengeance of the wizard Zikali, alias The Opener of Roads, or 'The-Thing-that-should-never-have-been-born,' upon the royal Zulu House of which Senzangacona was the founder and Cetewayo, our enemy in the war of 1879, the last representative who ruled as a king. Although, of course, much is added for the purposes of romance, the main facts of history have been adhered to with some faithfulness." This publication from Boomer Books is specially designed and typeset for comfortable reading


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