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Книга Сумерки Супергероев | Twilight of the Superheroes

книга Сумерки Супергероев (Twilight of the Superheroes) 02/09/16

Информация о книге

Автор: Дебора Айзенберг

Жанры: драма, юмор

Категории: интеллектуальная проза, современная зарубежная проза, не переведено

Формат: роман

Год написания: 2006

Язык оригинала: английский


Deborah Eisenberg is nearly unmatched in her mastery of the short-story form. Now, in her newest collection, she demonstrates once again her virtuosic abilities in precisely distilled, perfectly shaped studies of human connection and disconnection. From a group of friends whose luck in acquiring a luxurious Manhattan sublet turns to disaster as their balcony becomes a front-row seat to the catastrophe of 9/11, to the too painful love of a brother for his schizophrenic sister, Eisenberg brilliantly "illustrates the lives of people rubbed raw by what the fates have sent them" 

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