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Книга Riding the East Wind

книга Riding the East Wind 10/08/15

Информация о книге

Автор: Леви Хидэо

Жанры: драма, военный

Категории: не переведено, современная зарубежная проза

Формат: роман

Язык оригинала: японский


A dramatic tale of love, intrigue, and divided loyalties, based on the true story of "the man who failed to stop the Pacific War."
In the fall of 1941 a senior Japanese diplomat is sent on a desperate mission--a last-ditch attempt to secure peace with the United States. But, unknown to him, the Japanese military have their own plans. On December 7th, he stands before a furious Secretary of State to deliver Japan's ultimatum, unaware that, an hour earlier, his country has attacked Pearl Harbor.

Around this event unfolds the story of an extraordinary family, caught between two hostile nations. At its head is Saburo, the pro-American diplomat who becomes reviled in America as an instrument of treachery. At his side is Alice, the passionate and courageous American woman who fell in love with him and followed him halfway around the world, only to find her adopted country at war with her own people. And in between is their beloved son Ken, a Japanese Army pilot with a Caucasian face, haunted by his "enemy blood," and fated to do battle in the skies with his other half--his mother's countrymen.

The war intensifies. The bombing of Tokyo begins. The order to fly suicide missions against the B-29s is given. And one of the most powerful and stirring accounts of a family loyal to its principles, and loyal to each other, moves to its shocking climax . . .

Jacket: the two photographs (courtesy of the author) are of the real people--mother and son--depicted in the novel. 


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