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Книга Tallchief's Bride

книга Tallchief's Bride 29/09/15

Информация о книге

Автор: Кейт Лондон

Жанр: любовный роман

Категории: бульварная проза, не переведено, современная зарубежная проза

Формат: роман

Год написания: 1996

Язык оригинала: английский


In Tallchief's Bride, we're treated to the story of the second of the Tallchief brothers. Unlike Duncan Tallchief, hero of The Cowboy And The Cradle, Calum Tallchief is the cool, quiet brother, the man with a head for numbers who kept the family finances in order while the five orphaned Tallchief children struggled to keep their family together. All grown up now, Calum is a corporate problem solver. He's the man desperate CEOs call in when they've got security leaks. And boy does slimeball Roger Olson have troubles. Someone's been sabotaging his company for months. From destroying his computer database to putting itching powder on his personal toilet paper, the saboteur is everywhere, with access to every facet of Roger's company. By masquerading as a frumpy, lumpy personal secretary, Talia Petrovna is determined to drive Roger Olson out of business. And she's enjoying every minute of it. Until that corporate security nerd with the pocket protector starts snooping around. No big deal, though. Talia's sure she's outsmarted better detectives than Mr. Calum Tallchief with her eyes closed. But Talia should have given Calum more credit. Behind the cool, calm exterior, he's every bit the Indian warrior his big brother is. And once he's on the scent, there's no way he'll back down on the hunt. Once he gets close to Talia, though, Calum's not so sure what the hunt is anymore. He couldn't possibly be attracted to someone as wild and willful as this hellion who literally turns his peaceful, orderly world upside down, could he? As with her first book in the Tallchief series, Tallchief's Bride isn't your standard romance. With characters who can scale tall buildings, and speak several languages while mastering the intricacies of corporate structure and even parachute, the Tallchief series is about larger than life characters with larger than life lives.Danielle Steele with an attitude! Cait London is a master of the glitzy-glamour high-stakes corporate world. And she plays it all for fun! Cait London is the one to read for zany dialog and heroines who can stand toe to toe with her super hero men! Sexy is not the word for these Tallchief men. Mega-sexy might come close! Fun, fun, fun! With a sweet and sexy charmer like Calum Tallchief and a witty firecracker like Talia Petrovna, Tallchief's Bride is impossible to put down!


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