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Книга The Cowboy and the Cradle

книга The Cowboy and the Cradle 01/10/15

Информация о книге

Автор: Кейт Лондон

Жанр: любовный роман

Категории: не переведено, бульварная проза

Формат: роман

Год написания: 1996

Язык оригинала: английский


The woman who brings the cradle to a Tallchief man will fill it with his babies...

Once Duncan Tallchief had desperately wanted to find his family's missing heirloom baby cradle--until he'd sworn off getting hitched and having babies. But then, the sexiest single mother in Amen Flats, Wyoming, decided to change the hardened cowboy's mind. So she brought the cradle to Tallchief Mountain...


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