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Книга История камня | The Stones Cry Out | Ishi no Raireki

книга История камня (The Stones Cry Out: Ishi no Raireki) 04/08/15

Информация о книге

Автор: Хикару Окуидзуми

Категория: современная зарубежная проза

Формат: новелла

Год написания: 1993

Язык оригинала: японский

Награда: премия Акутагавы


The Stones Cry Out is the story of an amateur geologist and bookseller who is collapsing under the burden of his own history. Tsuyoshi Manase learned his first geology lesson from a dying soldier in a cave at the end of World War II. The soldier, a corporal, is skeletal, his eyes swarming with maggots, but his voice is low and steady, as he tells Manase of how a small pebble contains the Earth's history in its ephemeral matter. When the war ends, Manase returns home and opens a bookstore. He marries, and becomes the father of two sons. But what consoles him the most is the collecting of stones, and he enjoys his quiet life. That is until horrible violence visits his family and Manase must face his past in order to survive the nightmares of the present. A darkly compelling tale of one man's struggle against his own memories, The Stones Cry Out is a formidable debut novel from an international writer with an unusually penetrating voice.

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